About Us

Avid Cast Media is your full-service boutique, offering comprehensive support to podcast creators from ideation to the establishment of a brand and community. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution, providing end-to-end support for budding podcasters. From the initial spark of an idea to the creation of a distinctive brand and the nurturing of a dedicated community, Avid Cast Media is your partner at every step of the journey. The journey to a great podcast begins with a captivating idea.

We facilitate brainstorming sessions to help creators shape their concepts into engaging podcast content. Our expertise in refining and developing ideas ensures that your vision aligns with the heartbeat of your audience. Avid Cast Media is committed to offering personalized support and a boutique experience to every podcaster we collaborate with. Our goal is to help you transform your podcasting dreams into a compelling reality, all while cultivating a strong and thriving community around your content.


To empower a thriving community of podcasters that will shape the future of podcasting.


To serve as the go-to partner for podcast creators who aim to establish unique brands and shows.


To foster a culture of collaboration that embraces diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Meet the Team

Picture of Risha
Podcast Consultant

Risha Brown